Microsoft’s Azure Pricing is Not Friendly for Solo Developers

With Microsoft making strong moves in the development community (open sourcing .NET, Visual Studio Community Edition, PowerShell SSH, etc), I figured I’d take another look at their Azure offerings to see if I should switch back to ASP.NET from PHP.

I love Visual Studio, it’s my favorite power-tool. So I’d really like to use Visual Studio as my primary interface for managing my apps and websites. Right now it’s mostly Sublime Text.

So I came up with my bare-minimum requirements and got to reviewing Azure pricing App Service pricing.

Things I need on my new website include:

  • Custom domain *
  • SSL

To do this on DigitalOcean costs me: $70/year
$5/mo + $10 for the namecheap SSL cert.

To do this on Azure will cost me: $924/year
$77/mo ($56/mo hosting + $12/mo custom domain + $9/mo SSL cert)

Sadly the ~$1000 hosting cost is not reasonable for what I can do on my own VM for $70. I wanted to use Azure, but I guess I’ll have to stick to my LEMP stack for now.